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Magicians Only

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This page is for Magicians only who have or are using spring animal puppets, particularly those originally marketed as 'Rocky Raccoon'.

However, other creatures will be considered.

International Raccoon Sanctuary (IRS)

We are currently running a raccoon retirement center and sanctuary for young and old raccoons alike who are no longer in active service in the entertainment industry.  Hanging on to these creatures can be a big responsibility and we are here to help.

(This is specifically for the spring animal type raccoon puppet)

Raccoons will be given a good caring home in a supportive environment.   These are social animals and will be kept in the company of other raccoons.

A breeding program is soon to be introduced

Raccoons may be posted to the center, postage will be refunded and you will be given a signed certificate and a yearly update on the progress of your raccoon.  Please remember to make some breathing holes in the box.  Thank you for all your support and for the generous donations which we have received.

I started using raccoons in my show several years ago.  I was often asked to work with rabbits, doves, pigeons, big cats etc. so I thought I better look down the animal pathway and further embrace my interest in the natural world and wildlife in general.  Raccoons are not easy animals to keep, make no mistake, they require a lot of space, it's not like keeping hamsters, guinea pigs or any other sort of pigs for that matter.  They require taking for several walks a day, the food is very expensive and of course they are very hard to train.  Meal times with the family can be a particular challenge especially if we are having something potentially messy such as spaghetti or soup.  Anyway, in the long run they are very rewarding pets and guests do seem to enjoy meeting them and finding out about them at my shows. So, if you see me, do ask if I have any of these creatures with me.  They'll probably be asleep in my brief case.  I'll be happy to introduce you to this wonderful species.